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Inspirtion: After graduating from college, I spent 18 months in Africa teaching English. Every-day life there had two extremes: crazy wild or deadly calm. During the calms, my adventures on the "Dark Continent" were re-lived and documented in letters home. Accompanying letters were illustrations showing family and friends what I saw and did, and African animals, with their spots, stripes and strange shapes, helped bring stories to life. Though my adventures have changed, my spirited storytellers have not, and I still turn to them to best tell a tale or present an idea or concept.

Medium: I primarily draw with pen and pencil, paint in watercolor, gouache and oils, and print with water-based inks from linoleum and wood blocks.

Printing Press: In 2007, I began a series of linocut prints called "An Abecedarian Africa" which led to the creation of the Zuru Press. See "Zuru Press" above for examples.

Children's Book: In 2008, I illustrated my first children's book "The Moose with Loose Poops" written by Charlotte Cowan and released by The Hippocratic Press. Go to "Publications" to learn more.

Illustrations: Please select from the above menu to view a selection of my work.


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